Yvo van der Vat, Nico Parlevliet, Jeroen Niemeijer and myself formed the artist group ‘De Kunstcommando’s’ from the early beginnings of 2010 up to november 2011. Commissioned by the Center for Visual Arts Dordrecht to deal creatively with problems in the neighbourhood and to fulfill a link with local politics. Our slogan is “Kunst Redt!”, ( Art Saves!). As artists, we offer you our services and we will engage, wonder and let you participate in art projects.

Badkamerconcerten“, (bathroom concerts) is one of the ‘KC’ projects initiated by myself and carried out by all of the KC’s. Habitants of the ‘Reeland & Land van Valk neighbourhood, can apply for this surprising and musical project. Do you need some chilling acoustic music in your life?  The KC’s provide you an unforgettable private concert in your own bathroom, (for best acoustics of course).

Kunstcommando presents: Melle de Boer, acoustic in bathroom.
Kunstcommando presents: Julia Reinhold