Livestream Old Boat, New Tech

For art project ‘rivier, boot, stad‘ I created four livestream events in collaboration with artist Edward Clydesdale Thomson. Schouwburg Kunstmin organised the technical realisation and locations.

The craftsmanship involved in building the ship is clearly visible. But behind the scenes laborious computer calculations and high tech software have been working tirelessly in developing this art project. From long before any chisel was to hit the wood, the river, boot, stad team have been constructing the ship and its journey piece by piece and with ever increasing precision. Plank for plank the whole project, including the movement of the ship through the narrow streets has been simulated. In this livestream Edward and his guests explore the interplay of art, simulation, animation, game technology and data visualisation.

In this livestream, Edward Clydesdale Thomson, simulation specialist Petros Mousios, professor of Creative Media & Game Technologies at Breda University of Applied Sciences Mata Haggis & Joan Heemskerk of internet artists JODI explore the relationship between art, simulation, animation, game technology and data visualisation.